Container installation

cardboard boxes

- ideal for office (under the desk and similar)
- small dimensions
- with a cover and an opening for inserting paper documents

security containers 240 l

- original high-quality German product, specifically designed for disposal of paper documents
- cover locking (safety lock with key)
- opening for inserting paper
- built-in chip for enhanced monitoring and increased security as well as easier emptying records keeping
- grey-silver color, practical and mobile (with wheels)

security container 7 m3

- closed
- optional padlock locking
- ideal for larger amounts of documents

.pdf brochure

Collection of paper documents in special vehicles

- closed vehicles with compression function

- automatic emptying of security containers (employees have no contact with the documents)

- GPS tracking of your documents from the moment of collection to the destruction

- process of emptying vehicles without the possibility of seeing the documents

- maximum security level


- video surveillance of the entire facility and the process of destruction

- mechanical destruction in accordance with the EU standard DIN 66399

- the newest destruction technology by employing machines made in America

- capacity of up to 8 tons/h

- auto-feed system (employees have no contact with the documents)

- issuance of certificates of destruction upon the completion of the process


- preparing paper for re-processing
- after destruction the paper is pressed into bales
- transport to recycling